Breath In Poetry Breath In Poetry

Definitions by Tab CA


em·pa·thy (empəTHē)

a welcome walk

in phantom shoes

worn with tender intentions.

open palms

and pastels

washing over.

re·spect (rəˈspekt)

reverence spotlight projected,

a demonstration of recognition,

a straightening of spine

and chest swell,

heart held high.

safe·ty (sāftē)

a belly breath expelled

with no fear of drawn attention,

fetal curls at warm hearth,

sleeping exposed like small children.

growth (ɡrōTH)

spindled hands like vines reaching,

nutrients absorbed

and used to moult skin

too tight for comfort.

kind·ness (kīn(d)nəs)

warm sunlight spreading slowly,

glows of goodness

lit like kindling in cold bellies.

calm (kä(l)m)

ocean waves gently lapping,

a new moons glow

painted onto pin pricked skin

like ointment needed.

sanc·tu·ar·y (saNGk(t)SHəˌwerē)

deep caverns lit by candles,

holy intentions

laid on bare floors

walked over with bare feet,

nakedness allowed

and room for both

hurt and love.

Tab CA is a poet, dancer and venue worker who promotes collaborative arts events under The Chess House, a community run arts collective.

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