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Unforeseen Circumstances

As the title suggests, we are dealing with some unforeseen circumstances. We regretfully announce that we will be on break until the 23rd of August. Due to recent weather, the sewage backed up at BLVD and flooded the kitchen and lower area. For safety reasons, BLVD was told they would need to keep the venue free of any customers for eight weeks. Therefore, the Breath in Poetry is unable to hold poetry night in that venue for eight weeks.

How can you help?

If you are aware of any venues downtown that are accessible for people who deal with physical disabilities, accessible via transit and that would welcome us with open hearts. Let us know! Please note that the night runs on Tuesdays 8-11pm and would require transit that runs frequently at night.

Things to keep in mind

-Accessible via transit
– Physically accessible (Bathrooms ect.)
– Preference for Tuesday nights 8-11pm
– Accessible menu (Would be extremely helpful)

Stay beautiful and stay positive!

“We don’t control the world, we control how we interact with it.”

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