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2016 Edmonton Poetry Slam Team

It’s official! Your 2016 Edmonton Poetry Slam team is Sara K AlSouqi, Nisha Patel, Timiro Mohamed, Donovan Waskahat and Lady Vanessa Cardona.

This year saw one of the most diverse set of performers on the finals stage, both in style and identity. Their spectacular performances wowed the audience with their cadence, artistic mastery, and heart-rending emotional narratives.

Most years we have our poetry Slams in April, but, to avoid conflicting with the individual competitions in Vancouver, we decided to move our finals to June. Nextfest extended their arms in welcome and included us into their programming at Campus Saint Jean. Though the crowd was smaller than usual, there was nothing small about the enthusiasm and energy pulsing through the room. It was among the best competitions we have seen since the inception of Edmonton’s slams.

This year’s competitors were:

Kaz Mega
Lady Vanessa
Atilla the Hun

In addition to the poetry Slam, former Youth Poet Laureate Charlotte Cranston invited some youth poets from Strathcona, Harry Ainlay, and Bellerose high schools to participate in the finals as features. These poets were beyond magnificent. The Breath In Poetry Collective is working toward creating a high school Slam competition to accompany our finals in the future, so stay tuned for more fabulous young voices!

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