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Feature Poet – Alexander Squires


Girls are sensual,  sexual, beautiful.

Their  curves wrap around me in ways I can’t explain.


Boys are tough, rugged , rough around the edges.

Heavy breathing against my neck, his chest against mine.

Testosterone and adrenaline pulsing through me

I lose myself to the feeling.

Not thinking about my body now.

Only theirs.

So why, when it’s over, am I so aware of my body.

My body that hurts me.

The curvy body of the girls I find so beautiful.

 Why can’t I be happy with my beautiful curvy body?

Why can’t I love my skin?

because others perceive my body in a way that makes it no longer mine.

They see my chest as “girl”

hear My voice and think “woman”

But here’s the thing.

My partner has always said it best.

He says “that chest is your chest, baby. That makes it a mans chest. That voice is yours that makes it a mans voice.”

My body is mine!

I am a beautiful, curvy, tough, rugged, PROUD transgender man.

This is the only body I get.

I will make it my temple.

Why did you write this poem?
My inspiration for writing this poem was the fact that I am transgender and I have a hard time being positive about my body a lot so I wanted to write something about the things that are good about my body because I need to see it more as my body and not the body that other people see it as.

More about Alexander Squires
My name is Alexander Squires. I’m 19 and moved to edmonton a year ago from a town of 2000 people. I came out as transgender 2 1/2 years ago when I met my current partner and I started testosterone therapy 2 months ago. I am an aspiring tattoo artist and  I love all kinds of art but only recently started trying my hand at poetry and I am finding that I enjoy it a lot.

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