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Slam and Open Mic Information

We are at Rouge Lounge (117 and Jasper) every Tuesday from 9pm to 11pm. Sometimes a little later depending on the capacity of poets.
Poets who wish to read on open mic nights or poets who wish to compete on Slam nights should arrive for 8:45 to get an opportunity to perform.
Open mic nights are completely free unless we feature a poet from out of town

Slam Nights are $5
The slam nights are
February 25th
March 1tth
March 25th
(April is special! dates to come)

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  • Audrey Brooks

    What is the parking like there? Audrey


  • Terrantino

    Looking forward to hearing the Slam dates for April….

  • Bruna Fernandes

    Hello! Will tonight happen at the rouge lounge??

    • There is in fact a Slam tonight! 8:45 to sign up, Show start at 9pm.